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Rep. Keller and Thompson Objections

A few days before inauguration day, and just over a week after riots at the capitol, local officials in Centre County are speaking out about what happened and how they feel local Republican representatives should respond.

Although the objections from Representatives Keller and Thompson had little effect in the bigger picture, as President elect Joe Biden was still declared the winner of the state, locally, the decision did not sit well with State College borough Council President, Jesse Barlow.

“Both congressmen voted not to accept Pennsylvania’s electoral college votes even after the Capitol siege and while several U.S. senators backed down from the lie.”

On January 6th, following the deadly riots, the local representatives voted with 8 other republicans who also objected our states electoral votes. Barlow had remarks about their decision to do so prepared for last Monday’s borough council meeting.

“They have violated their oaths of office and need to resign immediately.”

However, Representatives Keller and Thompson do agree that the day the capitol was breeched and the voting was delayed, that it was a sad day in our history.

“I’ll tell you what, January 6th was a terrible day in our nation’s history. There is no excuse for type of lawlessness and violence.”

Following the violence, 10 Republicans voted with Democrats to then impeach President Trump for a second time, Representatives Keller and Thompson ended were not one of them. Last week, I spoke to Keller during the impeachment vote, and he said the goal is to just keep moving forward.

“I decline to say rather than having these kinds of actions take place to further divide America, we should be coming together to be setting the path forward.”

Barlow was not the only local official to speak out after the vote on January 6th, Centre County commissioner Michael Pipe said GOP colleagues in Harrisburg need to take responsibility for quote: fanning the flames of claims of election fraud in the state.

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