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Restaurant Owners Keeping up with Guidelines

Governor Wolf’s restrictions on bars and restaurants have left a lot of restrictions on business owners.

Some tried to circumvent the measures but they were shut down.

The executive order continues to affect many businesses in downtown State College.

Some say they are just trying to keep up with the new information each week.

“We all just hate to hang in there.”

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board and the Department Of Health went into detail about the do’s and dont’s for restaurant owners following Governor Tom Wolf’s new regulation efforts targeting both bars and restaurants.

“It seems at this point everyone is aware that they have to order food. If not, we politely remind them and that part has been going pretty smoothly.”

Part of the clarification, what exactly is a meal, which is what any customer must also purchase if they want to buy alcohol when dining in.

The guidance from the PLCB says meals are not the same as appetizers or snacks, meaning a bar can’t serve, say, pretzels and call that a meal to get around the Governor’s order.

Also drinks cannot be purchased after the meal is finished.

“We like to have our servers place the meal and the drink orders at the same time. That way we have it all on our point of sale system and if anyone were to question whether we’re following the rules, we’d just show them the receipt.”

But for Mangan and other restaurant owners downtown, the hardest part is operating at 25% capacity.

“We’re somewhat a little bit more fortunate that we have a lot of outdoor seating in the front and in the back.
Inside is the challenge, keeping that at 25%.”

And restaurants I talked to say they are nervous for when Penn State students return to State College, increasing the likelihood
restaurants will have to turn customers away.

“It will be interesting to see when the students come back because it will be, you know, challenging to decide who gets to come in and who does not.”

The State College borough council has had many discussions about the possibilities for when students return I am told this monday is no different

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