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Reynoldsville Police Chief Resigns

Chief Troy Bell put in his letter of resignation to the Reynoldsville Borough Police Department this week.

Reynoldsville Borough President William Cebulskie said he was the only police officer on their force.

“We have decided to weigh our options, our police committee is going to be looking at different scenarios what’s best for community,” said William Cebulskie, Reynoldsville Borough President.

This news received various reactions from the community.

“I was the one that spoke at the borough meeting and asked about it and then they threw it under the bus which I was a little bit upset up about,” said Stacy Snedden, a Reynoldsville resident.

Stacy Snedden went to Wednesday’s council meeting after hearing rumors of Chief Bell’s resignation.

“All I got from Joe Ryan is that he didn’t want to argue and that they were aware of it and they’re working and I said well you need a replacement,” she said.

Snedden said the council budgeted for a full time officer for the year so they should have the money to replace him.

She said the council acknowledged her concerns but if no action is taken soon, she’ll start a petition to the council.

Cebulskie said it’s going to take time to get this situation figured out.

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