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Riots at D.C. Capital Building

Presidentelect Joe Biden “Our democracy’s under unprecedented assault.”

Chaos erupting on Capitol Hill. Ense moments caught on camera. Armed authorities blocking mobs from entering the house chamber. As members of congress flee to safety. The attempted coup is first time the U.S. Capitol has been breached..

Since the British attacked and burned the building in August of 1814.

Hang Mike Pence! Hang Mike Pence!”

And after tearing through the halls of congress rioters leaving an ominous message. Right on the desk of house speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“It’s disorder. It’s chaos.”

Arrests have been made. Pipe bombs have been found outside the DNC, RNC and the Capitol. And a woman has died after being shot inside the capitol.

“All individuals must leave the U.S. Capitol grounds or be subject to arrest. I repeat, a curfew is in effect.”

“We’re advising everyone to leave the area.”

Riot authorities have moved in on the mobs. Pushing them away from the capitol.

“Our job in the Capitol is to count the votes. We will count the votes, but there are serious questions about the President’s involvement and responsibility for what happen here tonight, here today at the capitol and it cannot be tolerated.”

In Washington, I’m Whitney Wild reporting.

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