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Rocking in the New Year Remembering Jordan Adams 5k.

Barb Adams said her 19-year-old son Jordan Adams’ died in a tragic car accident on January 23rd of last year.

She described Jordan as a caring, selfless man who overcame his own obstacles.

“He struggled a lot throughout his life with mental illness and he also had high functioning autism,” she said.

Despite his own battles, Adams said her son would always put others first.

“The night the police came to notify me, before they left they said ‘you know let me tell you, did you know about your son helping that homeless person?’ and I had no idea what they were talking about,” Adams said.

In honor of his good spirit, love for music and running, Barb said this inspired her friend Julie Lang to spearhead the “Rocking in the New Year Remembering Jordan Adams 5k.”

“Of course I miss him everyday but I want to carry on his good nature and everything,” said Adams.

Amid COVID-19, Adams said they’ll be split start times for the 5k and masks are required.

She hopes this can soon be an annual tradition.

“My main motivation is just keeping his name alive and paying it forward like he did,” she said.

The 5k will start on Thursday at 5pm at the Diamond in St. Mary’s.

Donations to the Jordan Adams Memorial fund can be dropped off or mailed to the Elk County Community Foundation at 32 South St. Mary’s Street Suite #4, PO BOX 934 St. Marys, PA 15857.

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