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Rowdy State College Council Meeting

Officials say there is a fine line between freedom of speech and threatening others.

Majority of the council meeting focused around public comment on last week’s 2021 budget discussion and the proposed 11 million dollars for State College police.

Officials had some community members start to use random names to identify as before addressing council.

A man who identified as two different names at two different times, made threats against borough council members and those who spoke about police reform, saying quote,

“If you defund the police you will be met with the force of the second amendment, which is prescribed per the Constitution.”

Chief Gardner said he was disgusted by those comments, and he supports a civil dialogue. He ended with that the department will be investigating the comments to the fullest extent.

Borough officials agree with Chief Gardner they tell me

“Threats like those stated at the meeting have no place in a civil discussion.”

They say they have no intention of changing protocols for community members stating their place of residency before speaking.

Members of the 3/20 coalition attended the meeting and say they want to make it clear that they have no affiliation with these individuals.

“In regard to the persons who were more animated none of those people identified themselves at all with having to, I believe one even said they are representing themselves not the 3.20 Coalition.”

Melanie Morrison with the 3/20 Coalition says the group has received a lot of hate since hosting protests and marches–even though she says they have never caused damage or threatened anyone they just try to focus on advocating.

“The dangerous rhetoric is what has to stop because it’s actually putting our lives in danger and this is not the first death threat that I have had this is actually probably about the 6th or 7th.”

At this time, police say no one specifically is being investigated, just the comments made to see if they are criminal.

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