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Roxbury LGBTQ Event

Last month was Pride Month but a delayed celebration was held at Roxbury Park Today in Johnstown.

Organizers say it was the first event of its kind here in town. It was organized by a new group called United Highlands. Visitors could enjoy music, guest speakers, fashion contests, and giveaways.

And vendors from all over were there to show their support. Organizers say they want to spread the message of love and acceptance for all even in places where it may not be accepted.

“Just because June is over doesn’t mean that the LGBTQ community has gone away. We’re still here. Love is love. They still matter. So if anything, it just shows that it doesn’t matter about a month.
You can celebrate it anytime and be who you are.”

Destinee said they’re planning a pride event for next year in Johnstown as well.

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