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Rt 36 Fatal Accident Update

Kristian Fiscus was standing right here in the Frosty Freeze parking lot with her family when she heard the loud bang of the crash on Route 36, without hesitation the newly graduated nurse jumped in to help.

22 Year old Fiscus is a recent graduate from Clarion University where she studied nursing.

She says she was eating lunch when she saw a motorcycle swerving and losing control, then ran across the street to help.

While on scene, Fiscus gave CPR to both of the victims who were on the motorcycle until the ambulance arrived, she says she had help from her mom and the owner of Frosty Freeze.

This was the first time Fiscus has had to use her CPR training on actual trauma victims. But she says she has spent a lot of time watching and learning from other nurses at her work.

Officials confirmed to us that a motorcycle and another car were involved in the crash and Jefferson County Coroner Brenda Shumaker says one of the victims died from their injuries, but the other was able to be flown to Altoona with serious injuries.

Bystanders on Facebook say without the courageous efforts of Fiscus, they do not believe either of the victims would have even had a chance.

Fiscus says she was just at the right place at the right time.

Fiscus tells me she no longer questions her career path she knows that this is what she was meant to do.

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