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Russell Condolences

A wave of condolences have poured out on social media. Nothing but love and support for Officer Russell, her family, as well as her coworkers.

Now, as news broke that 47 year old Russell had died at folks ranging from public officials to fire departments and regular people all offering their thoughts and prayers for
her loved ones, support came from places as close as central Pennsylvania to places around the country, such as Florida.

We reached out to officials for a picture of Russell. They have not provided one yet. This post on social media claims to be Russell and has circulated and been shared all across
the country.

Our ABC 23 crew has reached out to the Blair County Prison, the County Sheriff’s Office and the Altoona mayor to learn more about her. They have not gone on camera yet. Blair
County District Attorney Pete Weeks issued a statement saying, Quote

“My condolences to the victim’s family, friends and coworkers.We will be working in conjunction with the Pennsylvania State Police and other agencies regarding the investigation
and will release a report or statement when the investigation has concluded.”


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