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Ruth Shuster joins the Century Club

One Pennsylvania woman is entering the Century Club in style. Ruth Shuster of Irwin PA turns 100-years-old on March 3rd. She’s been working at McDonald’s for years and isn’t planning on leaving the job any time soon.

Three days a week she wipes down tables and greets Customers. Before COVID, Fridays were her favorite. Customers’ Egg McMuffins usually came with a performance. Ruth saying: “Friday about 30 comes and we all sing, and we sing ‘You are my sunshine,’ we all sing everybody come in.” She misses the crowds of Customers and her after work activities. Ruth adding: “I go dancing four days a week, can’t go dancing now, there’s no dances around.”

If you’re smart, you won’t mention Retirement to her. Ruth says: “I became a widow when I was 50 and I’ve been working ever, ever, ever since and I like working.” The Birthday Cards just keep coming. McDonald’s even gave her her own mailbox. Turning 100, she says is no big whoop. However, the Birthday Cards mean a lot. You can tell Ruth Shuster truly gets joy from being around people. People keep asking her why she loves her job so much. Ruth told us: “I get payday! I get paid, I pay my bills, and that’s good. I never had a lot of money but I always had enough. That’s the way it is.”

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