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Salvation Army Donations

The Red Kettle Campaign is Salvation Army’s largest annual campaign in DuBois, this year their goal is $40,000.

“That money will go towards serving people with monthly emergency food boxes, help them pay rent…electric, water bills,” said Capt. Andrew Spooner with the Salvation Army in DuBois.

Amid COVID-19, Cpt. Spooner said they’re roughly $6,000 behind where they were this time last year.

“So far this year we raised $11,000 and then last year we were just shy of $20,000,” he said.

A big way they raised money prior to COVID-19 was having volunteers on the streets to ring kettle bells.

Cpt. Spooner said those volunteers aren’t paid and they donate their time to raise money.

“Last year we had about 15 bell ringers and this year I have three right now,” he said.

Despite that, Cpt. Spooner said their mail in and online donations have increased.

Community members have until Christmas Eve to donate.

“When people wonder where does the money go, well it goes to in the kettle, goes to the bank, goes out to help people right here in the community of DuBois,” said Cpt. Spooner.

You can help out by volunteering to ring the kettle bell or by sending a donation to the Salvation Army in DuBois.

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