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SCASD Masking Debate

With the new School Year approaching, School Districts are discussing the possibility of mask wearing, and on Monday, the American Academy of Pediatrics even recommended masking for all Students older than 2-years-old. We were there to find out how the State College Area School District voted at Monday’s meeting.

Prior to Monday night’s meeting and discussion, concerned parents gathered outside State College High School. They even took their demands inside, to present to the Board, for the first in-person meeting in over a year.

The FDA says children under the age of 12 might not be available for the COVID-19 Vaccine until Mid-Winter. Steve Williamson, SCASD Honorary Spokesperson for group of Parents saying: “The School District has not delivered full education for 2 years now, I have a daughter going into Second Grade, she has never experienced a proper School year. They want to continue limiting her education along with all the other grade levels…”

A concern for the Board and the Health and Safety Team was the Delta Variant, and how quickly it is spreading. Q&A between the Board and the Health and Safety Team Presenters took place for majority of the meeting. A Board Member saying: “We continue to play that role for both the health of our Students and entire Community. There are only 6 Counties in our State that have County-wide DOH in terms of local input so we are extremely fortunate.”

Things did heat up between the Board and Attendees. The Board did take public comment, and most Attendees wanted masks to be optional, and they wanted to be heard. Williamson adding: “The bottom line is our differences; we know that there are people who disagree, but the difference is by making mask mandatory they are refusing to work with us, if they make it optional, we can still work with the parents who want masks in their children classrooms.”

Reportedly, there were virtual attendees in support of the Mandatory Mask Policy.

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