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School Funding

The Pennsylvania auditor general made a visit to The Auditor General made a trip to Center County to talk with Penn State students about working with the Commonwealth after graduation. He also discussed a recent audit of the Phillipsburg Osceola School District, one that proved very necessary.

Dylan Huberman was on campus for the event. Auditor General Timothy Defoor stopped by Happy Valley today to speak with students about their futures and how working with the state can be beneficial.

He also discussed an audit of the school district that ended up rescuing a ton of money.

“They almost missed on receiving over $500,000 and in benefits with regards to transportation. However, as a result of our audit, they were then informed that you missed this opportunity to receive these funds. And since our our audit has been completed, they have in fact reached out to the Department of Education and they’ve also they’ve received these funds as well.”

He says that COVID is not to blame and it’s not an excuse for this blunder.

“Whenever you receive any funds from the government, whether it be the federal government or state government, you have to be accountable and be transparent with regards to how you receive those funds and how you spend those funds.”

“It’s unfortunate that the pandemic happened, but that doesn’t stop the accountability of school districts. Thankfully, taxpayers have nothing to worry about, with the funding now claimed.

But o has some advice for them for the future. But one of the things that I would do if I were a taxpayer and particularly in this particular school district, I would attend school board meetings. I would watch how the school districts spend this money. Whenever you receive any type of information with regards to what’s going on with your tax dollars, and it could be this school district that could be federal or state.”

“Every taxpayer in this Commonwealth should know where they’re where and how their money is being spent. It just doesn’t stop with this particular school district.”

District officials with knowledge of the situation were unavailable to comment.

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