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School Guidance

Under the new guidance, the state is recommending that elementary schools in the substantial level of transmission allow their students to return for hybrid or blended instruction starting on Jan 25th.

But according to Dr. Thomas Lesniewski, Superintendent of the Punxsutawney Area School District, this new guidance does not impact them.

“It has no effect on our school district whatsoever, we’ve been face to face K-12 following all of the Department of Health and CDC guidelines,” he said.

But for other school districts, he said this may differ.

“I think it’s going to have a bigger effect on schools across the state who have been online particularly in more populated areas,” he said.

Jeff Vizza, Superintendent of the Brockway Area School District, released this statement that said, “The new guidance recommending schools to return for in person instruction has no effect on our school district. The Brockway Area School district had been offering in-person instruction from day one.”

Wendy Benton, Superintendent of the DuBois Area School District, said the same goes for her district.

Since October, K-12 students have been on a phased return plan for in person instruction.

Moving forward she said they will continue to provide in person instruction, distance learning, hybrid learning and the virtual academy for their students.

Among other schools in our area, the Johnsonburg Area School District is going back to in person classes on Monday.

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