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School Reaction to Gov. Wolfs Mandate

In a press conference Thursday afternoon, Governor Wolf ordered that all in-person extracurricular activities and sports be cancelled until January 4th.

This order goes into effect on Saturday at midnight but some school districts are planning ahead.

“We will start a few hours ahead of his order and so we cancelled all extracurriculars effective tonight and we’ll follow the order and await to see if we’re allowed to do anything for January 4th,” said Dr. Brian Toth, Superintendent of the St. Mary’s Area School District

Dr. Toth said their district is offering both full in person and virtual instruction.

Though these orders don’t change what they’re doing on the instruction side of things, some parents in his district are disappointed with this news.

“Parents and students need to remember that there is a lot of physical contact in athletics, there’s a lot of bodily fluids that are flying around because you’re sweating,” he said.

Given the surge in COVID-19 cases, Dr. Toth said the governor made the right decision with this order.

“I only hope that state officials are doing what’s in the best interest of not only our residents but our students in the schools,” said Dr. Toth.

Other school districts said they’re getting mixed reactions from this order.

“There’s people who are happy about this and people who are disappointed with this but we have to follow this order, we don’t have a choice,” said Dr. Thomas Lesniewski, Superintendent of the Punxsutawney Area School District.

Again, Gov. Wolf’s new COVID-19 restrictions go into effect on midnight tomorrow until January 4th.

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