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School Safety Plans

As Coronavirus cases continue to surge across the country, yet again, local school districts are still discussing their health and safety plans for the 2021-2022 school year.

“Please let these kids get back to normal and let masking be a family decision only.”

“I am asking to absolutely have masking for the fall. The CDC just came out saying they’re urging everybody to mask up for the fall for schools, that it’s safest for them. The APP also, everyone
under 12 who is not vaccinated makes sense for them to wear a mask.”

Just last week, State College Area School District’s school board decided to have masks optional for vaccinated students, and mandatory for those unvaccinated.

This coincides with the Department Of Health and the Department Of Educations suggestion to follow the CDC’s mask wearing recommendations.

And on Tuesday Night, the Bellefonte Area School Districts school board voted unanimously to approve their current health and safety plan which is based on a layered and phased prevention plan reviewed on a weekly basis.

Governor Tom Wolf says he is not considering a statewide mask mandate, but he is recommending Pennsylvania schools follow new Federal guidance.

He says the key is the vaccine.

“I think, I don’t mean to be cavalier about it, but I think at some point our strategy here in PA has been the vaccine. That has worked. I think the numbers nationally it has worked. If you want to
protect yourself or your family against covid get the vaccine. We did mask and we did the mitigation efforts back when we didn’t have the vaccine.”

Local school districts say they goal is for students to get vaccinated when they become eligible

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