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Schoolboard Votes to Change School Mascot

The Bellefonte School District Board of directors held a special meeting Tuesday to vote on the possible change to the school’s mascot.

The current mascot is “the Red Raiders” and contains a Native American image.

The meeting gave residents a chance to voice their opinions.

Last summer, a petition was created to change the mascot’s name, saying it is racist towards Native Americans.

“I don’t expect us to understand why Native Americans find their imagery inappropriate or harmful. How could we?” asked a high school student at Tuesday’s meeting. “We have different lived experiences that make us who we are, that add to our identity. We will never fully understand how certain groups are hurt by how we choose to represent our school.”

According to the district superintendent’s office, the school board voted to remove any Native American imagery related to the school within the next year.

It’s unclear what kind of mascot will be used after that.

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