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Sci-fi Valley Con

This weekend is the annual Sci-fi Valley Con in Altoona.

This year will be the first time the event has been held since 2019.

The event celebrates everything pop culture.

Several celebrity guests will be in attendance to meet with fans.

The show draws between 4 to 5 thousand people annually.

Organizers say that the realm of pop culture has really exploded over the past couple of years due to people seeking a release from the pressures imposed by the pandemic.

“I think that the convention has been a really, you know, helpful thing for people, mentally, because people just being stuck inside for two years during her pandemic, and
all of the tribulations that came with that. This is, for a lot of people, the first time they’ve been to an event in over two years.”

The event continues Tomorrow at 10 am until 8 pm and then again on Sunday until 5pm.

People can visit for more information.

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