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SCI Houtzdale Homicide Update

Clearfield County District Attorney Ryan Sayers said Garrick Bloom was being held at SCI Houtzdale for child molestation charges.

According to online court documents, Bloom was facing over 800 counts in relation to child rape incidents dating back from 2007 to 2012.

Jacob Mitchell was serving a sentence for a felony theft charge.

On August 29th of last year, Sayers said Bloom and Mitchell were drinking alcohol and later that night, Bloom was found dead in his jail cell.

“They were locked in at the end of the day and then after final count. During the night, the defendant Mitchell proceeded to beat up and strangle the victim,” Ryan Sayers, Clearfield County District Attorney.

Sayers said Mitchell claimed Bloom tried to sexually assault him and that’s what led to the killing.

“The defense attorney brought up an imperfect justification or imperfect defense saying that he was justified in attacking him however that’s not the case, he was not justified,” he said.

Sayers said Mitchell went too far to stop what he claims was a sexual assault. He says Mitchell pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter.

“The max could be 20 years, the max could be 10-20. He plead to 7.5-15 years and was sentenced to that,” said Sayers.

Sayers said Mitchell’s original sentence for the theft charge was set to end in May of this year.

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