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Scott Williams Rape Case Update

A man charged in a 26-year-old rape case in Centre County may soon be getting out of jail on bail.

Scott Williams of Reedsville has been jailed since his arrest in October. Thats when Williams was charged with beating and raping a woman in downtown State College in May of 1995 and then leaving her for dead.

Monday during a hearing on reducing his 500 thousand dollars bail, a parade of witnesses, family and friends took the stand,saying Williams was a good man, that they were shocked by his arrest, and highly doubt if he’s guilty of the charges against him.

One of the witnesses, a former magistrate in Mifflin County kept repeated the phrase “innocent until proven guilty”. But prosecutors said their DNA evidence is strong, that Williams DNA and the victims were found on the victim

Immediately after she was raped. Police admit she doesnt recall the incident, partially because her skull was crushed and she required emergency surgery.

It was the coldest of cold cases with the statute of limitations expiring when police initially filed an arrest warrant with no suspect named just the DNA information-five years after the crime.

Eventually they say the DNA led them to Williams. Prosecution Today saying if Williams is convicted on the multiple crimes ,he’s facing at least 23-46 years in jail, Williams is now 48 years old. But a judge decided Monday Williams

Could now enter a supervised bail program, and be freed from jail, by posting 100 thousand dollars,20 percent of the original bail. No trial date has been set

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