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Self Scheduling Vaccine Appointments

At the end of this week, January 29th, the Mount Nittany Health System plans to go on line with a vaccine, self scheduling appointment program

“Were hoping to open large scale vaccination clinic next week,but it all depends on the vaccine supply situation”

The supply situation specifically there’s less vaccine now than demand is nationwide

“We understand the frustration of many who are qualified to get a vaccination and are trying to schedule it”

The Mount Nittany Health System has vaccinated close to 34 hundred health care personnel in Centre County. The next round of vaccinations aimed at those 65 or older or those with high risk medical conditions.

And if you don’t have access to the on line scheduling someone can do it for you

“Yes,you’ll have to provide them with your information and then when you show up your going to have that information and identification”

Its stressed if you do get a vaccination appointment confirmed that you show up because, despite the high demand, vaccine will be specifically allocated for that appointment.

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