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Sen Casey Visits Altoona

People traveled from all over Central Pennsylvania just to talk to Senator Casey.

“I think it’s critical that we get into as many communities as we can to talk about these issues because I think a lot of Americans whether they are in Altoona, or Blair County, or
Southwestern PA, really anywhere in the state, they understand were at a moment now that we can move forward and make big investments to have transformational change.”

The hot topic for the town hall infrastructure.

“I find it interesting and inspirational that people are paying such close attention to something that is so fundamental to the future of this country. I think they see the infrastructure
need in their own lives whether its physical or care giving and human infrastructure, it’s part of how their family’s function and communities’ function. So, I think they are paying close
attention and that’s always good because they will hold us accountable.”

Concerns also revolved around unemployment, and the potential of its long term affects on Americans after the pandemic.

“I realize republicans are making the case that somehow, let me get this straight, unemployment assistance that started in January of this year is the reason someone is not going to work
for months or years. I just think that is a theory”

“Do you support the increase of minimum wage”

“If we live in a country where 300 is such a disincentive that it’s preventing people from going back to work then I think that’s further evidence we need to raise the minimum wage and
raise the wage in general because if that’s what’s keeping people from going to work, which I don’t buy the theory that it is, but if that the case then there are a lot of employers out
there that are paying a pretty low wage.”

And Casey says that’s what hes the rescue plan bill is trying to do.

“If anything, the rescue plan has the potential to not only put the pandemic behind us and help families recover from the devastating blow they got from the pandemic but also to begin to
show the country that these investments in families and communities are foundational to changing the economic prospects of the country.”

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