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September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and the Brian Morden Foundation is busy preparing to host several events to promote education and raise money to help families who are dealing with cancer stricken children.

They will officially kick off the month early this Saturday at the Curve Game.

Other events coming up are several Gold Ribbon Games that will be held at Blair County High School football games. Alex’s Million Mile. And a proclamation by Altoona’s Mayor.

Money raised goes to provide scholarships to childhood cancer survivors to research and to help alleviate financial burdens on families fighting the disease.

Many of the board members have personal experiences with the Brian Morden Foundation.

“The Brian Morden Foundation really helped us through our journey when our granddaughter had cancer for seven and a half years. They supported us emotionally and financially, with gas cards to facilities, and we always wanted to give back because they were so great to us.”

Area schools will be selling Brian Morden Foundation t-shirts in their school colors to help support the Gold Ribbon Games.

Anyone interested in helping out can go to for more information.

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