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Seven Springs Opening Day

Hundreds of people hit the slopes Saturday at Seven Springs Mountain Resort for their opening day.

The staff says they’re off to a good start, with their season pass sales already ahead of schedule, crediting the pandemic for families turning to outdoor fun.

“We’re finding there’s a lot of curiosity because there’s not much to do right now outside, and skiing’s one of them. We’re seeing a lot of new skiers and snowboarders come into the sport,” said Alex Moser, Director of Marketing and Communications for Seven Springs.

The staff has adapted to new COVID-19 restrictions announced Thursday, by encouraging guests to purchase passes and rentals ahead of time.

That way, when guests drive through the toll booth, they have their phone scanned without touching anything.

Inside, they’ve made changes to the way they sell food and beverages to adhere to restrictions.

“We have no indoor dining, so we have multiple takeout areas,” said Moser.

Indoor facilities like the swimming pool and game room are closed until January 4th, but lodging is still available.

“We think that for a healthy mind and a healthy body, being outdoors is more important than ever. We are honored to be able to provide that this year. I think people are incredibly thankful that they were able to get on the snow,” said Moser.

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