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Sixers Lose to the Hawks in 7

Starting things off with the NBA where the Sixers saw their promising title hopes come to a halt last night a lot of fingers are starting to get pointed at the problem up and down the
roster but everyone is stopping at one man

After a very back and forth Eastern Conference semifinals with the Atlanta Hawks the group from down South was able to prevail as they get ready to take on the Milwaukee Bucks in
game 1 of the conference finals on Wednesday

Throughout the series there has been one constant and that’s everyone wondering where Ben Simmons is especially when it came to late game situations he only scored 5 points last night
and only had 3 made field goals in the 4th quarter in the entire series afterwards he said he just didn’t show up

“I ain’t shoot well from the line this series. Offensively I wasn’t there. I ain’t do enough for my teammates. There’s a lot, there’s a lot I can work on.”

The Sixers have not made it past the conference semifinals since 2001.

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