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Sixers vs. Nets Recap

And in the NBA last night the 76ers lost their 2nd game of the season to the Brooklyn Nets to drop to 7-2 overall. Joel Embiid was great once again last night going for 20 points and 12 rebounds. But the rest of the team struggled to keep up as they shot 47 percent from the field and 34 peecent from three. Head coach Doc Rivers said after the game that his team just didn’t show up.

“That’s a game that a extremely winable game. Doesn’t matter where you play them. That’s what we were in the past when you show up on the road and you don’t have focus and you’re not ready to play basketball and you deserve to lose the game. That’s what I told them that we deserve to lose, and so we did.”

Up next for the Sixers will be a visit from Denver on Saturday.

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