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Some Ballot Problems in Pa

Across the state, some precincts are reporting trouble with scanning ballots.

Sarah Metts has the details on what they are seeing, and what is happening locally in our viewing area.

Bedford, Cambria, Centre, Clearfield, Cameron, Elk, Huntingdon, and Jefferson tell me the had no reports of ballots being rejected on Tuesday.

Centre County Commissioner Michael Pipe says if this were to happen in our area, it’s important to report it to the county elections office.

“When a voter in a precinct, they are actually taking their ballot and putting it into the machine and the ballot should be counted so if there is a malfunction with the machine, they
should really be addressing that with the judge of election, and the elections office.”

Pipe says voters in Pennsylvania cast their ballots into a paper reading machine, and it checks to make sure ballots are completely filled out properly. Poll workers also help with the

“A poll worker writes in the name of a voter, prints their name and their ballot, and that’s done by two people at the precinct, and the machine itself has a count for how many
ballots were put through that machine, all three of those numbers, the poll book, the number list of voters, and the ballots cast are going to equal the same number. Before a poll closes,
and all the poll workers go home they verify that that’s correct.”

Some media outlets are reporting that those facing the issue in Fayette County, have placed their rejected ballots into an emergency slot in the back of the machine, and their county
commissioner says it the ballot issues are across party lines.

Although we have not seen voting machines rejecting ballots locally, Union Township in Clearfield County did run short of Republican ballots on Tuesday.

The director of elections in Clearfield County says they had more people turn out then expected, and while they did run out of Republican ballots, they still offered voters the express
vote option. Some declined and waited for the delivery of more ballots anyway.

However she says quote, nobody was disenfranchised.

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