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Some PSU Students Elected to stay on Campus

Highways are smothered with snow and with more piling on, Penn State students who haven’t left yet will have to wait.

Most students are unable to travel home to their families due to the inclement weather were experiencing in Pennsylvania. The storm has already made it difficult to drive, and it isn’t expected to stop coming down until Thursday.

Travel plans for students and other state college residents are being adjusted. Matt Solomon was one student who opted to stay in town.

“My friends and I were going to leave this morning. We were tracking the weather last night and we saw that the snow was supposed to start going early in the morning, so we just decided to push it back”

Some of those who tried to brave the storm did not fare well. According to the 511pa website, there are a number of incidents, including several accidents across the state, on various highways and local roads.

Cars and trucks took their time and drove with immense caution. Many opted to stay off the roads until the snow cleared out. Solomon hopes things lighten up by the end of the week.

“Hopefully Friday depending on how much snow there is, just to make sure there’s safe driving conditions and that we weren’t caught in the middle of a storm, where we wouldn’t be able to make it home.” (0:08)

Crews are out around the clock to clear the roads as best as possible, but please drive carefully if you must drive at all.

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