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Somerset County 2nd Amendment

Somerset County Commissioners voted to pass a second amendment resolution yesterday which has been on the meeting agenda for over a week.

And officials say this is in no way a response to the mass shootings which have occurred recently in Atlanta and Boulder.

Now this resolution is a reaffirmation of their oath made in office, according to Somerset County Commissioner, Colleen Dawson.

She says the commissioners had planned on passing this resolution in March 2020, but then COVID-19 hit, and the subject got pushed to the bottom of their agenda.

Now, recently with pandemic restrictions being lifted and push from the residents in the county the 3 Somerset County Commissioners unanimously passed the second amendment resolution stating their support of the right to bear arms.

“There has been a moment all across the nation actually in the past 18 months to pass resolutions supporting the 2nd amendment. There is a lot of concerns about our second amendment rights perhaps being infringed upon.”

Dawson explains for those who support the second amendment and the right to bear arms the best way to protect those rights…is to contact local representatives in the general assembly.

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