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Somerset County Cares Act Funding

As we are over nine months into the coronavirus pandemic, businesses are still dealing with the effects of shutdowns and loss of business. In an effort to help, the Somerset County Commissioners just allocated $1.2 million worth of CARES Act Funding to over 100 different businesses throughout the county. Businesses ranging from restaurants, retail stores, and auto shops.

Somerset County was initially allocated over $6 million worth of federal CARES Act money at the start of the pandemic. This most recent round of small business assistance grants is the last of the amount.

“So, at this time, whenever our businesses are suffering from all of the different reasons from the pandemic, this has really been a shot in the arm for them,” said Somerset County Commissioner, Colleen Dawson.

115 different businesses were awarded grants in amounts ranging from $1,000 to $25,000. One of those businesses is Merchant Village in Somerset.

“We had applied for numerous grants. Every time we saw a different opportunity we applied. It actually got a little tiring, so it was quite a relief and very wonderful to hear we did get this one,” said owner of Merchant Village, Alecia Zimmerman.

Zimmerman’s business was awarded $10,000. She says she is still in shock with this kind of good news. She’s not yet sure what they will do with the grant.

“I’m not even sure. I’m sure at some point we will look into advertising, something to help our vendors. Just you know putting it in the funds to make sure we can remain viable long term would be the ultimate goal,” said Zimmerman.

Visit Merchant Village’s Facebook page to see how they are helping their fellow local businesses.

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