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Somerset County DA Arrest Update

Jeff Thomas is out of jail Tonight, having posted $5,000 bail.

The accusations against him have shocked the community…and leaves his future in office in doubt.

Pennsylvania State Police saying in Jeff Thomas’ criminal complaint that he went into the woman’s home uninvited, struck her during an argument, took off her clothes, held her down and chocked her before biting and raping her.

The Somerset County District Attorney now faces 6 counts including felony rape and criminal trespassing for Saturday night’s encounter.

Police say the woman told them she’s known Thomas in a professional capacity and that he’s tried to initiate sexual encounters with her for years.

She told police he showed up uninvited Saturday, with beer and marijuana and when she told him to leave a fight ensued, leading to the sexual assault.

“Some of the reports I’ve been reading don’t make much sense to me and need to be explored.”

Thomas’s Pittsburgh based attorney Ryan Tutera says Thomas denies all of it and he will have his day in court.

“I’m asking the public to withhold judgement against Jeff. He has worked tirelessly for Somerset County. He’s taking a lot of drugs off the street and he’s made a lot of good judgements as a

But its not the first time thomas has been at the center of controversy.

Last October, it became public that a maintenance man found beer cans in the trash can inside the DA’s office, against county policy. Thomas said it was done after a trial and was blown out of
proportion over what he says was an ongoing dispute between him and Somerset County Commissioners.

“Everyone had a beer to celebrate. One beer was done responsibility after hours.”

Weeks later, he was cited in Cambria County for getting into a verbal altercation with local restaurant owners over an issue with his daughter’s birthday.

“Every other word was the f-word. You just don’t treat people that way. And I apologized. And there was nothing that would stop him.”

“Just because I am an elected official, I’m not supposed to get upset that my five year old daughter’s birthday party gets screwed up.”

The case was withdrawn after Thomas apologized and made a donation to charity.

“I thought those allegations were frivolous when they were filed and I think they never should have been filed.

Now his attorney says Thomas is ready to fight these more serious charges.

“here’s always going to be scuttlebutt or the get back or whatever, but the fact is is that he’s presumed innocent by law. The law affords him that.”

Tutera says it’s too soon to comment on Thomas’s future in the da’s office. A preliminary hearing will be held Wednesday.

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