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Someset County D.A. in Hot Water Again

Cambria County District Attorney Greg Neugebauer announced Tuesday that charges are being filed against Somerset County District Attorney Jeff Thomas following incidents that occurred in Richland Township over the weekend.

we spoke with Thomas who says he did get into a verbal altercation with the owner of a business in Richland Township. The argument was over the disappointment he faced over the facility for his daughter’s birthday party. He says he is disappointed and frustrated that Richland Police and Neugebauer did not listen to his side of the story before filling these charges.

“I mean I’m innocent of all of this. I mean this is ridiculous. Just because I am an elected official, I’m not supposed to get upset that my five year old daughter’s birthday party gets screwed up. That’s ridiculous.
Because I’m an election official I’m supposed to just grin and bear it, because I have a target on my back. I’m allowed to get upset like anyone,” said Thomas.

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