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Special Birthday Girl

When 7-year-old Addison Greenwell of Westmont was playing outside Sunday, she heard cars honking and was a little confused.

“I was like, oh, just one car is coming by. There’s no big problem,” she said.

But it wasn’t just one car…there were many following behind.

“And then I kept seeing cars, and I’m like, why are they following each other? Why do they have happy birthday signs up?”

She quickly realized it was a drive-by parade all for her seventh birthday.

Families held balloons and signs as they waved out their car windows to the birthday girl.

“I can’t imagine how happy she was and excited. To be able to come here, and for everybody to come together, and put this together for us – it’s just overwhelming,” said Patty Greenwell, Addison’s mom.

There’s a reason why the community decided to make her seventh birthday so special.

Last week, a fire filled the inside of the Greenwell family home.

Everybody made it out safely, but the home popular for having head-turning decorations for every holiday is now covered in ash and caution tape.

The family is staying just down the street in a neighbor’s spare house who offered it to them.

“I don’t know how to say thank you enough to them. I just keep thinking, how can I repay them back?” Patty said.

They also started this “Go Fund Me” account for the family.

“We’re just blessed, blessed to have this many people thinking of us and their thoughts and prayers, and just coming together and doing this for us.”

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