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Special Day at Beaver Stadium

Something else returning since the pandemic fans are back inside Beaver Stadium in State College.

And Today’s Penn State football game represented much more than the sport itself but it also worked to bring an end to childhood cancer.

Rj Gentile was diagnosed with Leukemia in December of 2019.

Today, he was given the experience of a lifetime, being on the field at Beaver Stadium during Saturdays game. Love that

His mother, Rachel, said she couldn’t wait for this experience when we spoke this week.

“I’m excited to experience what 100,000 people feels like, looks like, sounds like, I’ve been watching Penn State games for a long time but I’ve never ever been anywhere near it. I feel like Christmas,
like I feel like tomorrow is Christmas morning.”

Rj was stoked, so much so that Rachel didn’t know if he understood just how special this was going to be.

“I don’t really think he fully understands the scope but he’s the life of the room no matter where he goes, so he will warm up quickly and he is so thrilled and excited.”

And Thon officials were very much looking forward to seeing him out there too.

“A lot of different Four Diamonds families are coming to the game, including the Gentile family. We are just so excited to spend time with them and to really, you know, create special moments with then that can, you know, let them be kids.”

That enthusiasm is heightened now due to the events of the past year and a half.

“We really value, like, our pre-THON events, which are our events around the year leading up to THON weekend, and, you know, this year was difficult, you know, not being able to be a person and
interacting with our families throughout the year but, uh, this is such a great opportunity.”


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