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Spikes 4th Fest Celebration

In Centre County, the State College Spikes partnered with 4th Fest to celebrate Independence Day on Sunday. There’s no better way to celebrate America than Baseball and Fireworks, and that’s exactly why the Spikes and 4th Fest combined these two pieces of America.

A Celebration of American Independence in Centre County, the State College Spikes and 4th Fest teamed up to put on a show after last year’s toned-down version. Scott Walker, General Manager of the Spikes saying: “Couldn’t be more excited my friend, the 4th of July at a baseball stadium, giving away apple pies with a postgame firework show, it don’t get more American than that.”

Kurt Weibel, the President of the 4th Fest Board, says in spite of the unique circumstances and the shorter the normal planning window, he’s pleased with the crowds at the Ballpark. Weibel adding: “Partnering with the Spikes and having the crowd here, this is, uh…and the weather is perfect for tonight, so it’s going to be an awesome show, and it’s, uh, it’s long worth the wait.”

Walker says he believes Sunday’s festivities may have even broken some physical and metaphorical records, adding: “I’d say this is the most energy we’ve ever had in this place, and that goes back 15 years. I think we’re looking at a record-setting crowd tonight, I think we’re going to actually obliterate the highest crowd we have ever had in franchise history.”

While this year’s festivities didn’t have the usual day-long tailgating and other activities that 4th Fest is known for, Organizers say they were able to put the happy back in Happy Valley. Walker saying: “To be able to share today with about 7,000 of our closest friends, this is what Happy Valley’s all about.”

Both men added they hope to continue the partnership well into the future.

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