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Spikes 4th Fest Fireworks Display

In Centre County, a 4th of July partnership will include 2 holiday pastimes — Baseball and Fireworks on Sunday, as well as plenty of fun and entertainment for those on hand.

In State College, 4th Fest is usually a day-long celebration, but it was cancelled last year. This year it’s 4th Fest Light, if you can say that about a Fireworks show, partnering with the State College Spikes.

There will still be fireworks from 4th Fest Organizers, but it will be a scaled down show and there won’t be the day-long tailgating and other activities that 4th Fest usually includes. Like many other activities now, the Pandemic still a factor in scheduling. But back in May, 4th Fest Organizers getting together with folks from the State College Spikes, who have a Home Game on Sunday the 4th.

Scott Walker, the General Manager of the State College Spikes saying: “We have a ball game at 5:05, the gates open at 4. This year is unique, we’re not quite back to normal and given the timing, its a tremendous effort 4th Fest does every year. They start planning for next year on July 5th, so when the announcement came about opening back up, that was May 17th. So you’re talking 6 weeks to get this thing off the ground, and it just wasn’t in the cards. So we already had a game on the schedule, we already had a fireworks permit.” So after the Spikes game on Sunday, it will be the 4th Fest Fireworks Show at the Stadium, which Organizers say will be more extravagant than other fireworks shows after Spikes games.

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