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Referee Rich Talks to Longtime Head Baseball Coach Nick Imperioli

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This is Sports Desk. Welcome to the latest edition of The Sports Desk on around the Alleghenies, I’m Referee Rich, your host. And for this show and the next show, we’re going to talk about a subject that we really didn’t get a chance to delve into last year.

And for one very good reason. And we’ll talk with both of our guests about why we didn’t. But what we’re going to do is we’re going to talk about high school baseball. We gave you a lot of insight about high school and college sports a year ago.

But now high school baseball is a spring sport in Pennsylvania, but it is also a victim of foul weather and time restraints and all that. And we will get into that in the course of our conversation. And joining me this week has been a long time friend who still is actually because he’s here, long time friend and

Mt Union legend. I know he won’t like that. But Nick Imperioli is here with me to discuss his baseball career and Mount Union. Nick, welcome aboard and thanks for making the trip down to talk to us.

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