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Rich Talks to Nick About Being a Coach for Mt. Union

Welcome back to our conversation here on the sports desk around the Alleghenies with Mt.Union baseball coach Nick Imperioli now. Nick, you were the head coach for a long time, and now you’ve kind of taken a different role with the program as it is right now.

You’re not the head coach anymore, so you don’t really have all that all that pressure. And I have to delegate all the authority. How is it different being not the head coach? Well, there are a couple of differences.

First of all, I basically I just I handle pitchers, work with the pitchers and wherever Tim wants me to to help him out. I’m a volunteer assistant. So, you know, you start practice at three o’clock. So a coach is always there long before that, and he’s there long afterwards.

Now, I picked my time. I go when I think we’re ready to do some batting and pitching. I leave early. I do help fix the field. And I don’t have all that field preparation. That’s another thing. Most high school coaches, they have to do something to get their fields right.

They have to they have to do some work themselves. I don’t have to do that anymore. If he asked me to do something on the field, I do it because he’s a great guy.

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