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Rich Talks Highschool Spring Sports

The only thing we didn’t get to talk with Coach Imperioli about is the actual spring schedule itself now. High school baseball and softball and track and field are not only sort of like prisoners of the elements, because when bad weather comes, they get games, postpone games get canceled, games get moved.

But the thing about spring sports, especially in Pennsylvania, where we have really nasty weather in March, April and sometimes May, is that these games have to be moved quickly and have to be played or else they don’t get played, because what schools are facing is you’re facing problems and you’re facing graduations and you’re facing deadlines that schools

have to be finished by by a certain day in June, most years, with the exception of having maybe snow days. But the spring sports always seem to get the short end of the stick because there’s never enough time for spring sports, because you only have a certain amount of weeks to get games in and then playoffs and

then state playoffs as well. And when you don’t have that kind of time, you play less games, you get less experience. And sometimes it just doesn’t work for schools. But to accomplish what Nick Imperially has accomplished at Mount Union, such a small area is a tremendous feat.

And a lot of other schools could take a lesson from what my union has done over the years. Well, that’s it for this week’s show on around the Alleghenies. We’ll talk more baseball next time. Until then. Play ball.

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