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Spring Creek Disabled Veterans Project

In Centre County, a section of a well-know waterway is being upgraded as part of a Family’s life-long goal to help Veterans enjoy the Therapy of Fishing. Spring Creek is one of Centre County’s best known natural resources, a World renowned fishing spot and recreational area. The same Family has owned this stretch of the Creek for decades, and they are in the midst of completing a project that will make fishing there more accessible for Disabled Veterans.

Jim Wilson, who was creek-side on Monday, has been fishing for 7 decades and is a Marine Veteran. With him was Gary Way, also a Military Veteran and Purple Heart recipient. It was his first day fishing. The two Veterans were enjoying the day fishing on the stream. Not far away was Dave Putnam, who is overseeing a project to improve the fish habitat, along with putting logs along the stream bank. Putnam says that with the use of Four Wheelers, the stream will be accessible to Disabled Fisherman.

The work began in 1989 after flooding. The Family of Property Owners, the family of Dr. Jerry Clair, who was also a Veteran, following his lead in wanting to provide Disabled Veterans with a place to Fish. The Doctor passed away last year, but the work continues. Over the years, this stretch of Spring Creek saw a series of well-known visitors, including Former Presidents Dwight Eisenhower and Jimmy Carter. A number of Organizations are working on this project, including the Wildlife for Everyone Foundation, which was able to land a $17,500 Grant to help pay for the work.

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