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St. College CVIM Vaccines

State College Area School District has been proactive in getting their employees covid vaccinations.

Dylan Huberman spoke with their director of communications to hear about their progress.

As of this morning, i’m told that at least 292 SCASD employees have self reported that they have gotten their first dose of coronavirus vaccine.

State College School District is putting it’s best foot forward towards keeping it’s schools safe and in person.

While not mandatory, they encourage all of their staff eligible under group one a to get their shot.

Chris Rosenblum, the district’s director of communications, is thrilled to see that almost twenty percent of the district’s staff have taken the initiative to get vaccinated.

“We’re really very happy to have the number of employees vaccinated that we have now. We have approximately sixteen-hundred employees so I think we’re making great progress. And, we’ll just keep moving forward till we have, hopefully, close to all employees vaccinated.”

Although not mandatory, Rosenblum says the district will remain vigilant in asking those who are eligible for it to get it, and this Saturday will present another opportunity for district employees and the general public to get a vaccine.

“So the plan going forward is we’re to continue to encourage employees to make appointments who are eligible under phase one-a. We’ve set up a clinic working with CVIM (Centre Volunteers in Medicine) again for employees who got their first dose the first time to get their second one, and then employees can also get their first dose too who are eligible.”

The Centre Volunteers in Medicine, better known as the CVIM, held a past clinic at SCASD’s Mount Nittany Middle School, and now another one will be there this weekend. Rosenblum also made it clear that teachers are not the only district employees getting their shots.

“A pretty wide spectrum. Everybody from classroom teachers to support staff like cafeteria staff or custodians, so its not just teachers, not just classroom teachers.”

The district hopes that more staff continue to sign up and hopefully more will go to the CVIM clinic at the middle school on Saturday.


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