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St. Francis School Fall Festival

The St Francis School held their annual fall festival today, bringing many people to the school for food, games and fun. Douglas Braff was there and has their story.

Despite the preview of winter weather today seen Francis’s Fall Festival went off without a hitch.

“Alot of our school families and teachers put a lot of hard work into putting this festival together, and it’s something fun for the whole community. It’s something that kids up to adults enjoy huddled inside from the cold.”

Folks mingle and peruse all the tables in the gymnasium while the Fall Festival was held last year. The pandemic forcing Francis to drastically scale back the event and it’s just a nice event. There’s something for everyone.

“We have a lot of craft vendors here as well.”

“This is the first time since the pandemic that we’ve been able to have our crafters and vendors back in the building for our festival. So we’re really happy that we were able to bring them back for this event today with Thanksgiving around the corner.”

Thanksgiving themed foods such as turkey and mashed potatoes were served by the cooks in some pumpkin flavored pastries were also sold at the bake sale. A big draw to attending the festival is the raffles. There were multiple raffles where you could win up to $10,000 on top of all the raffles.

There were auctions. one of them was an art auction, but with a twist. Students in classes from kindergarten to eighth grade created art pieces together to be sold to the highest bidder.

“So we filled up water balloons with paint and then we use darts and we all through darts at the water balloons and tried to pop them and it splattered paint all over it. And then we glued the darts onto the canvas to put it all together. We did the American flag and we painted them on popsicle sticks and then do different designs on them and made the American flag Statue of Liberty. And it was like a collage. Everyone made like a different thing. And then they we put it together and made it like a big picture.”

Instead of painting is worth 1000 words. But in one word, the Saint Francis Ball Festival is a blast.

St. Francis holds two of these festivals each year, the next one being St Patrick’s Day


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