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St. Marys School District Update

Saint Marys Area School District officials are finding ways to deal with the mental & physical health of their students & staff.

District superintendent Dr. Harley Ramsey says they’ve reached out to parents, staff, & students asking them for feedback through a climate survey.

They say it’s also a way to maintain teacher retention within the district as many teachers are leaving the field of education.

Ramsey says the district has received lots of criticism over its handleing of the pandemic.

“The individuals we have, to your point, are very professional, working their tails off to meet student needs, often times at the sacrifice of their own mental health
and personal health, and that’s only magnified by the social media frenzy that’s currently in our society and permissible in our society.”

Ramsey went on to say he wants to make sure his staff knows they are supported & that his focus is on providing safe, in-person learning.

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