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State College Area Manufacturing Jobs

In State College Today, business and industry leaders meeting with state lawmakers to talk about helping Pennsylvania’s manufacturing industry especially when it comes to filling the jobs available.

Gary Sinderson reports.

“This was before pandemic”

Tuesday’s gathering termed a manufacturing round-table. Pennsylvania’s manufacturing industry, the eighth largest in the nation with an annual economic impact 0f 92 billion dollars.

Ironically some point to state government as a negative factor for the industry due to the state’s taxes and regulations.

But here state lawmakers hearing from business owners on various issues, including filling vacancies in the workforce

The meeting held at the headquarters for Invent Penn State, the University’s initiative to spur entrepreneurs into new manufacturing initiatives and job creation.

The University President told lawmakers at a November hearing, Invent Penn State is proving to be successful

The meeting focused on whats termed small, and mid-size manufacturers in Pennsylvania who have more than 56,000 employees statewide

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