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State College Area School District Funding

Schools across the commonwealth have had to deal with high expenses to make remote learning possible. This funding will help lessen that burden.

State College Area School District is just one of many districts in pa that has had to grapple with elevated expenses over the last year.

Just over a year ago, most of the things districts needed to buy could be found in office supply stores.

No district’s budget was able to account for a pandemic to change the list of supplies from books, paper and pencils over to masks, sanitizers and PPE.

SCASD finance and operations officer Randy Brown says that’s where most of this funding will go.

“In general terms, we’re going to be using that for additional expenses related to COVID. Extra cleaning and sanitation products and equipment, as well as lots of plexiglass and partitions and personal protective equipment, masks, the gloves, the gowns.”

The strain of purchases of that nature was to be expected, as most of those things are essential to operate in-person.

However, Brown said there are many more costs than just keeping students and staff protected from the virus.

“We’ve hired extra teachers, we’ve bought additional software licenses, we’ve had to purchase additional equipment for the classroom teachers to use for the remote and virtual instruction. We did not have a complete and comprehensive K-twelve online virtual academy as we do this year, so those were all additional costs.”

Brown added that the district will also evaluate any additional funding from Governor Wolf’s budget announcement earlier Today.

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