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State College Area School District to Open Facilities to the Community

Scasd had not been allowing outside organizations to use district facilities while Governor Wolf’s restrictions were in place. Now that they have loosened up, the district is taking the opportunity to reopen to the community.

State College Area School District will once again allow their sports fields, gyms, auditoriums, classrooms and more to be used by approved community organizations.

Groups will need to have their applications approved, just as they needed to prior to the pandemic.

“We will evaluate, um, requests on a case by case basis, um, depending on the size of the group, um, and uh, whether we can clean facilities after they’re used.

Chris Rosenblum, the district’s director of communications, maintains that health and safety protocols must be followed by any and all who use these facilities.

“It’s important to note that all groups using the facilities will be subject to the district’s health and safety protocols. So, all individuals will follow those protocols, including masking and physical distancing.”

While coronavirus cases have risen across the state, Rosenblum said its gone down in the district, and this move wasn’t made hastily.

“Our student cases and our employee cases,uh, recently, over a 7-day period, are starting to decline. Um, we feel this is a safe, uh, approach that will allow community groups to use our indoor and outdoor facilities this spring,
going into the summer.”

Though they would make money from this, he stressed that this move was not made to generate income for the district.

“This is not a, a means of raising revenue for the district. This is really about giving back to the community.”

Rosenblum says the district is excited to take this forward.

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