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State College Boy Honored Nationally

On Saturday, a local State College boy was honored Nationally for his creative idea that makes playtime a little more fun for our four-legged friends. We met this Award Winner and his Family.

Fifth-grader Ryan Marusa was honored by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) for creating and donating, a lot of dog toys. He says he put his heart into it. Ryan Marusa saying: “Well, I love donating to dogs and cats because I don’t feel like they don’t get enough credit. Like, I really love pets.”

Ryan Marusa’s Award-Winning idea started as a School project about his love for his two pugs, Easton and Ellie, who love to play with toys as much as any dogs out there. From there it escalated. Ryan and his family have now shipped his homemade dog toys to several States. For his efforts, Ryan was recognized by PETA Kids with a Hero to Animals Award.

His parents, Chrissy and Mike, say even though the project is done, he’s still going at it. Ryan’s Mother Chrissy adding: “We’re really proud that, you know, he started something that was kind of so small and local and then as it started to grow, you know nationwide, he’s taken it all in stride, and he’s done a really nice job.” They say that his motivation comes from pure devotion to the animals he cares so much about.

To get a toy of your own, or to give to someone else who has a dog, visit:

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