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State College COVID-19 Ordinance

In line with the Department of Health, State College is taking steps to continue in the fight against the virus.

“We are moving in the right direction to safely get all of us closer to a normal way of life in the new year.”

After a unanimous vote Monday night, the ordinance that was supposed to expire by the end of January, is now continuing through May.

“Wear your mask, wash your hands, social distance, avoid large groups.”

Those who violate the ordinances requirements can still be fined up to 300 dollars.

“I live with someone who has both asthma and COPD he doesn’t leave the house with his mask off, and say oh I can’t protect you, and I can’t protect me, I can’t breathe but I am going to wear a mask anyway.”

But council did update the original ordinance that was passed back in August some changes include anyone inside gyms and fitness centers must start wearing a mask, and same goes for any indoor recreational activities.

“And that is consistent with the department of health. And that is what was being recommended here, make indoors… it is required, regardless of distance. And outdoors where it is only recommended.”

You must now also wear a mask when working inside a private business, social distancing is not enough, council says. However, if you work alone you do not need to wear one.

Some community members were not happy with the extension and requirements.

“I guess I don’t like the restrictions when you’re outside. I think it’s very emotional to be outside and not see people smiling in your neighborhood having to wear a mask
and if this is going go on for many many months, I think there is going to be a bit of emotional and mental issues that are going to come about.”

The ordinance still limits gatherings at homes to 10 people, and 25 people while on municipal property.

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