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State College Eases Mask Restrictions

The State College Borough Council voted to loosen some restrictions in their COVID Ordinance following a recent Board meeting and new guidance from the CDC. State College has had some of the most strict Restrictions in the Region, but now they’re largely aligning themselves with current CDC Protocols, bringing excitement to many in and around the Borough.

Doug Shontz, Assistant to the State College Borough Manager saying: “You’re going to see a lot more people hopefully coming out on the town and that’s exciting. Summers in State College is always a really exciting time.”

Centre County had reported more Coronavirus cases than any County in our viewing area. But as cases began plummet, State College Council held an emergency meeting Friday to amend their Coronavirus Restrictions: loosening mask mandates, increasing outdoor gathering sizes to one hundred and following the CDC’s indoor guidelines for those fully vaccinated. Shontz adding: “Being able to allow those that are vaccinated, those that are safe, to go back and living a quote unquote ‘normal’ life as we still recover from this pandemic, it’s exciting to be able to discuss lifting some of the restrictions.”

Doug Shontz was impressed with the community’s involvement at the meeting, adding: “We had a lot of business owners, we had a lot of residents, a lot of people that even lived outside the area on the call voice their opinion and voice their overall thoughts, you know, it’s really nice to see people engaging in that civic process.”

Shontz says one of the big changes will be allowing groups to begin applying for Event Applications for the first time in over a year. Shontz saying: “We’re now accepting those applications, so if people want to close off a block and have a block party, and maybe some of the businesses come together (and) have their sidewalk sales that they’ve had in the past, we’re now open to start looking at those, getting them in front of council, and the gathering limits increase really helped these events happen.”

Shontz added that while some traditional events like Artsfest won’t happen this Summer, he’s confident other events will likely start popping up soon.

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