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State College Fraternity House for Veterans

For veterans going to college affordable housing is usually a major issue, at Penn State, a former frat house is getting new life and providing a home to the University’s Veterans

Gary Sinderson has more.

“If you can, you can see the colors. We’re covering up this more, these had more or less institutional colors, which which is OK, we’re we’re trying to make it a more welcome, warm
place to live for the veterans.”

Bill McCamley says It’s spent a good portion of his life in service to his country and other veterans.

“I’m a veteran Vietnam veteran. I’m the president of the Veterans Club of State College,

McCamely, a retired builder. Well, now since I retired as head of your project to refurbish this fraternity house and State College just five blocks from campus into a new home for
Penn State student veteran fraternity Omega Delta Sigma.

“It’s a big deal because we do get a living stipend, but being in state college especially, there’s so much competition for housing that is just very expensive.”

The project has involved several hurdles getting approval from both Penn State and the borough. And then there’s the pandemic

“Big commercial kitchen. We’re finding that the whole supply chain thing is a reality.”

He’s talking about not only in ordering appliances, building materials and other items, but also in finding labor for the house makeover.

Other veterans have stepped in

“And they’re on board with a lot of the design decisions and what happens in them. They’ve done a lot of work volunteering here when we can’t find people to do the work.

Community groups also helping, such as the State College Elks,

“Try to emphasize the helping veterans locally that is in the state college area. And when I called Bill and he invited me over to to take a look at this, I thought this would be right
up our alley.”

It’s hoped the house will be move and ready for 30 for student veterans within a few weeks, while other renovation work continues.

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